We write to you with respect and humility owing to the fact that you were acting Secretary to the Government of the Federation and currently a respected Permanent Secretary. 

We want to advice you in your recent involvement in active politics in ATTEMPT TO IMPOSE YOUR 29 years old son as the flag-bearer under the All Progressives Congress, APC, against the will of the people. 

He has never worked and also not a business man but he spent millions of Naira during campaign and election. However, despite all of these, he still lost the election to a popular candidate with a very wide margin.

Information reaching the public in your attempt to use some people in the presidency failed, where you acted to push for the emergence of your son as the winner of that contest.

The good people of Toro Federal Constituency and the general public is watching and it’s important to understand we are living in digital era where the traditional misinformation strategy to confuse the people will be publicly ridiculed and refused. 

It is of great concern that a public servant of your stature who was drafted into the current administration of President Muhammadu Buhari to help him in his anti-graft and anti-corruption effort decided to derail that agenda by bringing your son who is unemployed, with zero administrative or leadership experience, spent millions of taxpayers’ money to push for his nomination as a representative for the Toro Federal Constituency where there are contestants with more than seven years legislative, administrative and leadership experiences abound.

There is information in the public domain where Umar Muda Lawan bragged that he will bribe each of the delegates for the nomination with one million Naira each and this amounts to over three hundred million Naira given the size of the delegates. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission we hope will soon be knocking at your door to explain the source of all these funds.

We hope civil society and anti-corruption agencies will investigate further on the unusual spending of your son Umar Muda Lawan during the period. 

We will investigate further and let the public know what our findings are.

Thank you.

Society for Justice and Democratic Process of Nigeria